Livingston is the first socially reponsible IT services provider

It offers a innovative social contract, unique in this line of business, aligned with the employees expectations. Convinced that companies based on the traditional model that emerged from the industrial revolution, Livingston offers a new sustainable business model focused on responsibility, equality and shareholding without putting aside performance and return on investment.
A new social contract that places social responsibility at the very heart of the company’s strategy where the people are no longer expendable. A culture that favours reponsibility, autonomy and develops careers for those who contributes to the company’s success.
A culture that builds on the digital revolution to build a new federative and sustainable model.

Why work at Livingston ?

- A work environment that benefits all
- A merit-based culture that offers fair acknowledgement and tailored career perspectives
- A culture of challenge and achievement focused on high quality diversified projects supervised by high level managers
- Horizontal management style based on trust, team work and active listening
- Life-long learning to favour personal growth

We seek to recruit people who are :
- Creative
- Autonomous
- Open-minded, good listeners
- Sharp ie quick to understand, fast learners
- Adaptable
- Hard working
- Demanding in term of their own results
- Convincing

Background :
Bachelors degree or Masters degree